Harper. 18. Gay. Welcome to my adventure.
Bigender Pride
With someone was here to cuddle with me while watching this 😞 #cuddle #lonely #thekaratekid #mrmiyagi #cmere
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1) Full Name: Elizabeth Mary MacAngus ugh But I’m changing Elizabeth/Liz to Harper

18) Favorite band(s): Paramore, Imagine Dragons, Flyleaf, Nickelback, Boyce Avenue, the 1975, The Cab, 21 Pilots, theres more I just con’t rememeber lol

24) My parents are pretty laid back so I have a good relationship with them.

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girls and all the cute things they do like moaning into your mouth as you kiss them during sex and the cute little noises they make and weird faces and soft skin and curves and orgasms and shaking and when they grab on to your hair and passionate kissing and neck nuzzling and nibbling and just straddling and grabbing and when they rub against you and grinding and just basically steamy hot lesbian sex

just girls ok

..such a fucking lesbian *sigh*

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getting spoken to as if i’m straight by straight people who assume everyone is straight, subsequently feeling like the world’s most useless and irritated secret agent

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I have figured it out.

I let people take advantage of me because I crave being wanted so badly its ridiculous.

Like, i like myself

I’m okay with who I am, (mostly).

But I just want people to want me and I want to feel it.

So I let people treat me like shit and I never say how I feel because I don’t want to lose the person who I feel so strongly for, whether it is a friend or other, even though I know I am unhappy with the way that I am being treated.

My feelings seem invalid because it seems as if I am telling them not to feel the way that they do and they can’t do that to me.

So now I’m stuck between this rock, standing up for myself and risk losing someone I truly truly care about, and a hard place, letting people treat me like garbage and pretend like I’m fucking fine with it when all I want to do is have someone that I can actually rely on. 

I am just tired of feeling like I’m being walked on. I am tired of feeling like I have nobody to rely on. 


I want to kiss you so hard that I can taste the lingering regret of the person who broke your heart for the first time 

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mermaid tattoo by NikaSamarina

This is not my work and this photo was uploaded to Instagram by pipaksaelun - “#bambootattoo #ink #mermaid #tattoo #phiphiisland #thailand”. Find out more about my own work: www.bambootattooonthemove.com
95% of the ocean is underscovered you can’t tell me de mermaids don’t exist

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